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The presupposition of this central role of the tradition is a community which, in contrast to Paul's expectation of a near end of the age, is already making provision for the time after the death of the bearers of tradition appointed by the apostolic disciples (II Tim 2:1 f).

Although Paul certainly did not know of the task of preserving the tradition through ordanted presbyters ( is not meant in Paul as an indication of an office), the ecclesiastical office of the widows (I Tim 5:3 ff) whose essential task is continual prayer in connection with sexual abstinence is totally foreign to Paul.

The pastorals evince a level of church organization that most likely would not have existed in the lifetime of Paul. 381-2): The actual task of Timothy and Titus consists rather in preserving the correct teaching which they received from Paul and passing it on to their pupils (I Tim ; ; II Tim ; 2:2).

The requirements particular to bishops and deacons are spelled out clearly (I Tim 3:1-13). Though there is no chain of succession constructed from Paul via his apostolic disciples to the holders of office in the congregations - not even in II Tim 2:2, the chain of tradition is strongly stressed, whose beginning lies with the apostle (II Tim 2:2, 8).

In total, they lay out a convincing case that Christianity is untrue.

This is based on the premise that a true, factual religion guided by a supernatural god would be precise, flawless, authentic, transcendent, unmatched, unique, prescient, prophetic, revelatory, internally consistent, and scientifically accurate. This strongly implies that Christianity is a myth and possesses no intrinsic truth.[It is generally assumed herein that Jesus was a unique individual, although the author acknowledges that significant evidence suggests he is purely mythical or a composite of several 1st Century preachers] (1) Jesus Seminar The Jesus Seminar was a collaborative effort of approximately 200 professionally-trained specialists in the field of religion tasked with the goal to cut through the myth and expose the historical Jesus.

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Paul's situation as envisaged in the Pastorals can in no way be fitted into any reconstruction of Paul's life and work as we know it from the other letters or can deduce it from the Acts of the Apostles.

The principal finding was that the quotes and deeds of Jesus as written in the Gospels are mostly mythical.

In fact, only 18% of the sayings and 16% of the deeds attributed to Jesus were thought to be authentic.

Of these 306 words, 175 do not occur elsewhere in the New Testament, while 211 are part of the general vocabulary of Christian writers of the second century.

Indeed, the vocabulary of the Pastorals is closer to that of popular Hellenistic philosophy than it is to the vocabulary of Paul or the deutero-Pauline letters.

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