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The government of Cameroon made its FP2020 commitment in 2014—including specific policy, financial, and program and service delivery pledges—to meet their family planning goals.Since then, the government has provided annual updates on the progress made and challenges faced in pursuing its commitment."But psychologically it has an impact." Sanctions on the other hand are different; they could mean travel bans, restrictions on access to services in the international arena.

Cameroon’s country page provides access to family planning data, key government strategies, plans, and documents, and the latest research and news to support the work of all those committed to increasing access to voluntary contraception.

President Paul Biya has completely ruled out independence, he also strongly opposes the return to a federal structure, which existed in Cameroon from the time it gained independence in 1961 until 1984, when Biya abolished the federal system for a unified Republic of Cameroon.

English speaking Cameroonians make up 20 percent of Cameroon's population of 23 million.

AU tight-lipped on Cameroon and Nigeria The African Union has so far refrained from intervening in the ongoing crisis in Cameroon.

Efforts by DW to get the AU's position on the contentious issue were unsuccessful.

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