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Although unemployment has been one of Denmark's most persistent problems, in the new century it has fallen remarkably, to a current low of just under 6 percent.Because of Danes' long-standing preoccupation with economic equality, there ln less of a difference between Denmark's high-in-come and lowest-income citizens than in the United States or many other countries.

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Shipping accounts for most of Denmark's international freight traffic, and the country's almost vessel merchant fleet is the fourth-largest in the European Union.On 1 Januarymonetary policy was linked to the new European Central Bank.Copenhagen's strategic location on a main trade route between the 100 percent free dating sites in denmark and northern countries has made it one of the great transit ports of northern Europe.However, the krone is still closely tied to the euro, and Denmark's economic decisions, particularly monetary ones, will be heavily influenced by the EU.State funding grants to the institutions are based on the specific programs offered and the number of pefcent students per year.

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