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This starts with terminology: romantic relationships are usually called “romances”.

For example, you could talk about “going for a Piper romance” to mean that you are trying to start a romantic relationship with your companion Piper.

This is the recurring problem of protagonist-central morality: in an attempt to allow the player to have total freedom to make choices, their actions are also marked out as extraordinary.

This explains why all your theoretically-bisexual companions never hit on other same-sex characters, only on you.

This is not a problem that’s unique to this game, or to Bethesda, by any means; the medium as a whole is notoriously bad at dealing with questions of romance or even just intimacy.

But knowing this is important for understanding just how shallow these placatory attempts at queer inclusivity are.

You do things that character likes (saving puppies, not being a cannibal, being generally a nice person), then go through three progressively-harder skill checks as their affection for you grows.

At each of these stages, your character’s Charisma skill is compared against a difficulty threshold, a virtual die is rolled, and you’re told if your flirting’s succeeded or not.

Right off the bat, the player character is established as being happily married to a different-gender spouse.

Your neighbors across the street In fact, this falls in line with another recurring problem with regards to diversity and representation in games.

By only displaying a diversity of options to the player, and not reflecting that same supposed open-mindedness in the actual setting, the player is the one who must take on the burden of making choices.

To create an attractive dating profile, you’ll want to write an attention-getting bio.

Attach a handful of unique photos to your account as well.

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