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This author of Seduction of the Innocent had a subscription and we conversed on the phone as well as exchanged numerous letters until he died.THE GOLDEN AGE OF COMICS FANDOM by Bill fanzine PHANTASY WORLD by David Kyle (1936-37). Even though I'm interested in comics criticism and analysis, my main interest would have to be ert Overstreet. Peter Otto, Constructive Vision and Visionary Deconstruction (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1991. Vincent De Luca, Words of Eternity (Princeton University Press, 1991) Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise): Member of the Grand Comics Database project.

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Copies housed with Michigan State University Special Collections.Teen Dating Violence, National Conference of State Legislatures. "Comic Art and How to Read It." California Monthly 86, No. "Incommensurability and Interconnection in Blake's Anti-Newtonian Text." Studies in Romanticism, 16, No. First "comics as culture" event in the San Francisco Bay Area.I also set up the reprinting of The Superman story from Science Fiction #3 1999. Late delivery to my distribution company Common Ground for that week's new comics shipment due to a mud-slide outside -planned attendance at that historic interview.THE PHOTO JOURNAL GUIDE TO COMIC BOOKS by Ernie Gerber; 1985; see credits in Volume One; A two volume set printing 22,000 covers of most of the major comics from the 1930s through the 1960s.

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