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I have known many subs who have this but they also have the need to be a human ashtray.

The thought of dominant women blowing smoke at them or using their mouth as an ashtray is very arousing for them.

Actress Gabrielle Union explained why she is still childless after marrying NBA star Dwyane Wade, 35.

After Union and Wade married in August 2014, she became stepmother to his boys and changed her outlook on children. It is also known that a few fetishists do indulge in the fantasy of the whole addictive side of the nicotine and how that can be harmful, you only need to read the back of some of the packets and the warnings to see that.There are a well-known sub-fetish in regards to the effects and harm that smoking can cause people, this has been known as the black lung Is by far one of the most popular requests on a daily basis for any female working in the adult entertainment side of things, either by live webcam or by making video clips or email requests, even phone sex lines are busy with this request.It is a hard one to dissect why people like particular things, in particular, the weird fetishes but I have always felt it relates to something from a childhood experience.Mistress wearing lipstick for smoking show This is a very popular one as well, I have had many requests for smoking sessions.

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