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Yet, when we take a look around at the bombardment of advertisements, music videos and art, sex and erotic symbolism are almost everywhere. Within our society the concept of sex is often portrayed to be very much aligned with success, money and pride.With all of these ideals constantly stimulating our minds and imprinting themselves onto our psyche, it is no wonder that lack of performance, or any sexual struggles for that matter, can cause negative feelings within an individual, such as shame and worry. John Hopkins University published a report in February 2008 stating that 18 million men in the United States are affected by erectile dysfunction.The authors of the study stated, “Ginseng extracts improved sexual arousal in menopausal women, they might be used as an alternative medicine in menopausal women to improve their sexual life.” 2.Maca: Another herb with a few thousand years worth of traditional use behind it, maca, was used as an important super food and medicine by the native Andean people due to its high nutritional value.Therefore, it might also help people suffering from sexual issues that stem from depression and lack of intimacy. Ginkgo Biloba: This plant dates back around 300 million years, making it one of the oldest surviving tree species on earth.As well as being a great source of antioxidants, it harbors the ability to enhance oxygen utilization, and thus improve memory and concentration.

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While Kava can help sexual dysfunction caused by self-induced mental issues, it will not show much, if any improvement, over an actual diagnosed case of erectile dysfunction.” Kava is a great alternative to assist with the mental side of sexual issues.

has compiled a long and detailed list of side effects that Viagra can induce, which range from shortness of breath and irregular heartbeat to sudden hearing and vision loss.

Sexual issues are not just limited to physiological ones, depression is closely interlinked with the inability to maintain an erection in men and the inability to orgasm within both men and women.

Users have described it as having a similar relaxant effect to alcohol, only without the feelings of intoxication.

I interviewed 57 experts and asked them to pick their top 3 trends. Here’s a short video summarizing the top trend from each of our 57 experts. To jump to the trends and the feedback, click on any of the headings: #1: Micro-learning #2: Video #3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) #4: Augmented Reality (AR) #5: Mobile #6: x API #7: Virtual Reality (VR) #8: Subscription tools and learning #9a: Science-based learning #9b: Personalized learning #9c: Performance Support More Trends for 2018 In the workplace today, people have less and less time to get their jobs done.

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