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During a snow emergency, calendar parking will be in effect except on streets designated as a snow route where no parking will be permitted until the snow emergency is no longer in effect.On those streets where parking is normally permitted on only one side of the street, then vehicles may be parked on that side of the street only except on streets designated as a snow route where no parking will be permitted. You can also mail the fine with the ticket to the address shown on the ticket, but please do not send cash through the mail.The Records Division of the Clinton Police Department will provide copies of reports for insurance companies, etc. The office is located at the Clinton Police Department, and is open weekdays from a.m. There are several ways to obtain a No Contact Order against someone.First you should consult with a private attorney and have them represent you.Two important notes: the system is routinely tested at a.m. Please do not call the police department during severe weather situations unless you have an actual emergency. Normal hours of operation: Tuesday through Friday, a.m. If you simply want to pay the ticket, and an appearance is not required, then you can either mail or bring the appropriate copy of the ticket, plus the fine, to the Clerk of Court Office, 612 North 2 Street, Clinton, IA 52732.In the event of a 911 outage, the media and weather radios will be used to notify the public. If the ticket was issued outside the Clinton area, there should be a corresponding address for the local Clerk of Court Office near the top of the citation. The city of Clinton requires transient merchants to be registered with the City Clerk’s office.Call City Hall at (563) 242-2144 to ascertain if the group knocking on your door has done so.

The information is recorded in our system and you receive a sticker with a registration number to affix to your bike. You will need to know the make, model, type of bike, serial number, speeds, color, and style to complete the registration process.

You then may choose to have the vehicle towed by a private towing service.

(B) (1) During the period from November 15 through March 15, when a snow event has occurred, parking is restricted in the public right-of-way to alternate sides of the roadway in the following manner: When predictions or occurrences indicate the need, the City Administrator or authorized representative shall declare a snow emergency, publicize the same over all radio stations in the city and publish the same in all newspapers in the city.

You will be asked to complete a Contested Parking Ticket form.

Copies of the form and ticket will be taken and passed on to the appropriate Commander, who will in turn give back to the issuing officer for review.

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