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is it just for the prestige and status of being in the church and to shut the family up?? Then, behind closed doors, they go against everything they believe in. [/b] [b]I have nuthing against either, but I think its best to pick a side. people who are willing to bend and cheat their own rules, morals and beliefs behind closed doors and especially when its to their benefit...[/b] sluts? However adult hours are not easy to come by so we do find this line hard.

Ok, #1, I hate ppl who follow a faith and feel theirs is the correct one so much that they push it on everyone and judge other beliefs as the wrong ones rather then understanding tolerance and the fact that there is no such thing as right or wrong... Then they preach about how much they follow their churches rules and its "right & wrong" is the ultimate. #3, Kids should be taught "Right & Wrong" from their parents, not a group of ppl that i described in examples #1 & #2. Kids should also be introduced to church by their own choice and when they are old enuf to understand it. My wife will talk with a friendly person or couple the whole night. I have been working on getting her to direct her time on couples she can see us doing something mor. Do you at some point just say honestly that while they are nice it just ain't gonna happen?

funny, but seems like the more LDS we meet, the more seem to be JACK mormons. [quote=CARRIERMANANDGEEKGIRL][quote=EVILDOERS] we often find it difficult to walk the fine line between being nice, polite, and social with other people when we do not actually feel an attraction to them.

so why are LDS swinging or why are swingers in religions that condem it? ppl who preach about how much they follow their religion, go to church and lie in front of everyone there about how much they follow the rules and how the church has saved them.. too many hypocrates, liars, 2-facers, judgemental, stuck-ups... - There is a book called "The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities" written by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy that defines Slut in a positive light. The book has been very popular with swingers for quite a few years. If we had a week at desires it would be easier to be nice and talk with everyone.

Do you make some sort of lame excuse and beat a hasty retreat hoping they will get the hint?

Do you move on to another couple that you are attracted to and look annoyed when the first couple follows you around all night.

Otherwise you'll just kind of have to resign yourself to the plight of a single guy in the lifestyle. But my wife put it well: "If it was all about size then why are the swinging since only about 1% of the men they meet would be bigger than her husband? My wife put the part in our profile about not caring what size dick a guy has, that if there is chemistry whatever size it is will be just fine. Here's some results from polls on The Swingers Board that may shed some light on this subject.

Choose a city for a list of California Swingers in your area. - You need to stick to what you believe in & what works for you. Finding a balance - Swinging and Religion - - This has always been a tough controversy. They preach that they want their whole family in the religion cuz they need to know "right from wrong".

If you do not see your city, choose the closest city to you as it will show you swingers within 100 miles of the city in you California selected. There are lots of different types of swingers out there. I asked the kids (8 & 6 yrs old) what they learn in church..

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We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over California looking to meet new people. Any info on swingers or clubs in that area would be great!! Her family is hardcore LDS still and pushed the faith on their daughter (my GF) and her kids even.

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