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Once you’re ready to meet someone for the first time, always arrange to meet in a public place, and tell at least one friend or family member where you are going, what time and when you are expected back.You could also ask them to phone you at a predetermined time. Greek lady, in Lisbon, I am here due to work and will stay for at least 2 years. I left the UK in and now live in sunny Portugal in the Algarve, am learning Portuguese which is a very difficult language. I like singing, dancing, cooking, reading, having fun...... Greek lady, in Lisbon, I am here due to work and will stay for at least 2Hello my name is Ellie I am divorced with 2 adult daughters who live in the UK.

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We (...) One of Madeira’s greatest tourist attractions is its exuberant, diverse vegetation, whose combination of the tropical and the Mediterranean produces a patchwork of plants that are rich in shades of green, and of various shapes and sizes.

Meeting people for potential romance has never been the easiest thing in the world.

The likes of Bridget Jones will testify to that (well… However, in recent years there has been a massive increase in the number of people meeting online.

Whether it be in chat rooms or, for the dating ‘connoisseur’, via internet dating agencies.

You may have noticed a marked increase in the number of online dating adverts currently being shown on television, particularly in the UK. is perhaps one of the most popular, with its bizarre commercials featuring rather obscure characters playing Cupid and Fate (“Don’t wait for Cupid and Fate”).

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