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Founded in 1997, the Global Aquaculture Alliance is an international non-governmental organization dedicated to advocacy, education and leadership in responsible aquaculture.We uphold and engage stakeholders worldwide who are dedicated to advancing environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture practices.The platform was designed to reduce the transaction costs of issuing retail-eligible bonds, making it more affordable to connect with institutional and individual investors for amounts of £10 million or more.Borrowers will be well-established charitable organisations that develop assets, generate revenue and create impact – including housing associations, care homes and other major charities.

The software gives us the option to decide on which review sites guests should leave their feedback.Imagine a traditional farm […] A two-year grant of 6,000 seeks to improve the nutrition of live feed for, and therefore the production of, larval California yellowtail and halibut, with the hopes that the technology will be applicable to other species.Our invitation to the public to hear the personal side of aquaculture.The funds raised through the bond issue are passed on to the charity as a loan from the issuing company.The charity pays interest on the loan, which is passed through to pay the interest on the bond, and will repay the loan at the end of the fixed term.

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