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Generally, dogs must be kept on a lead in public and cleaned up after in major cities.

They should also have a tag on their collar with your name, full home address, and phone number on them: it is a quick way to identify them if they are lost.

Emily Post's name has become synonymous with proper decorum in the States, and remains so even today.

Tipping: Restaurant and bar menus indicate prices without sales taxes (which varies by city/county) and tips (15 to 20%), so everything you will order on the menu will end up costing about 21% to 26% more.Pets: Bringing a dog or cat with you to America is permitted, provided they go through quarantine.The general rules for having a dog with you in America are that it should be recently vaccinated against rabies prior to arrival and that it can behave itself in public;vaccination for canine distemper is also a plus for dogs.Waiters' and waitresses' salaries are small so they depend on tips.If you posses an i Phone or Blackberry, there are applications that calculate tips (many smartphones also include a calculator, which comes in handy.) Since sales tax is often around 9%, an easy way to calculate a tip is to look for the sales tax amount on the check and double it; if it's 9% and you double it, you'll get a figure that is 18% of the 'food/drink' amount.

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