Amrika sex

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"The American Way of Life" for me personally, I'm sorry if it offends anybody, isn't something I'd not like to follow. I'm really sorry, I can't even drop a word off about it. We know that racism is quite common and usual in the US, even though they don't show it off, it's in the American inner self.

Same as saying Swiss/Austrian German is better than German German; the old fight between the Belgians and the Dutch on who speaks the most correct version of the language; Spanish Spanish or South American Spanish? French French or Swiss, Canadian, Belgian, Senegalese, Algerian French?

Absolutely right, I'm not here to attack any American citizen, although when I see comments as "people are jealous about what we have" and "nobody is jumping the borders to go to Germany", I must say that I personally am not jealous about what the US have. What's the point in having so much money that you kill for money, you take over nations for money, you enslave people so that your businessmen have enough money to sit their bu77s on. and YES, there are MILLIONS jumping onto German borders seeking a better life, a dignified life condition. Where have this concept been mostly among people's lives? That what's good about the US, and people unfortunately import those stuff impregnated with an ideal of life that isn't quite ethic, having said everything I just did. I told him I thought that it would be nice for me to learn it better because it is the actual English language, the one that didn't suffer any major changes while in contact with another cultures (say American/Indians - Australia/Aborigines - South Africa/Blacks and Dutch etc).

To provide those products to make,you guys mostly, and the world by its spread, a bunch of fat a®ses (talking about fast food chains) and think about people in China, Malaysia, Indonesia that receives what's equivalent to 2 dollars a day to manufacture Nike, Adidas' trainers and many other products we're not mentioning? Just as you guys are "sick" of Hispanic people mostly and other immigrants living in the US, the Germans have to deal with Turkish people, all different Muslim people, people from Morocco, many African devastated nations. I just wanted, as a linguist, to be able to understand what Old English had turned itself into, and that I considered its pronunciation no be clearer and more precise therefore, easier to understand.

The response is that others are fascinated and want a taste of American culture. Millions come here for what we have and what they can become. Go to North Korea and you will love what you lost...

Unfortunately and VERY unfortunately, in my opinion, the US wasn't prepared to so much fame, admiration and glory.Then after the second world war America decided it wasn't going to let the world turn back into s***.America gave lots of money to Europe to rebuild itself, and we helped rebuilt Tokyo. Because you have something to sell or you have services to provide. Fruits, veggies, parfume, electronics, goods, etc, everything comes from different countries. It's all global corporations and people behind who have us, the rest of the world. In my opinion a BIG HUGE ENORMOUS problem in the United States is that the people aren't educated in their schools for a WIDE WORLD VIEW. Americans, come and say the opposite, it's still true. I'm not even dropping a single word on Britain-America old rivalry, it's endless, they won't ever get into agreement.

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