Ann landers advice dating

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It went straight from her to them,” Tribune syndicated columnist and author Bob Greene said Saturday.“I don't think there has ever been the kind of mutual trust and affection between writer and reader as there was with Eppie.” Landers' column first appeared in print Oct. In 1993, she was the world's most widely syndicated columnist, appearing in more than 1,200 newspapers worldwide with 90 million readers daily.

The feisty, outspoken Landers was a housewife when she won the Sun-Times contest to become the second Ann Landers after the woman who created the column died.24, 1993, column, for example, she endorsed masturbation or mutual masturbation as a safe, realistic alternative to abstinence for everyone from teens to the elderly.In a letter published June 16, 1993, a man wrote of being sexually aroused by his girlfriend's young daughters.At the end of her career, she was a with-it great-grandmother whose name often appeared on lists of the country's most influential women.“Eppie Lederer was a great columnist and a wonderful person,” said John W. “She helped people with her advice, and made important contributions to society through the causes she supported.” Psychology Today once gave her credit for likely having more influence on the way people work out their problems than any other person of her era.

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