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She said the killer — he lost his leg just below the knee in a 1996 motorcycle crash — abandoned her and their young child within a few weeks of the murders and fled to Italy to ‘hide’. New life: Barci's wife Mimoza Barci showing off the family's four-bed housing association house.

They posed as Kosovan refugees to gain British citizenship and have lived rent free in the £560-a-month property Mrs Barci said that after the killer got in trouble in Buckinghamshire, they moved to London three years ago. ‘We wanted to move quickly because every day he went out to Aylesbury with a gun.

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But he escaped prosecution and fled to the UK in 2002, arriving in the UK via Calais, later claiming asylum as a Kosovan refugee before eventually gaining British citizenship.

The Home Office has suspected for years that many Kosovan arrivals in Britain were not refugees fleeing the Balkans war in 1999 but economic migrants from neighbouring Albania with fake Kosovar identities.

We knew he was in the UK because he stayed in touch with his family.‘I was very certain Barci was the killer of the two men.

I am responsible for this statement in front of God and in front of law.

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