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Even though he is the final boss of the game, the player has to...

Platforms: Windows Creates random mazes, and then solves them. Start is at bottom left, end is at top right, though you can make them random.

b) The dating service script from has a dokumentation file that decribes the setup procedure step by step.

Please keep in mind that your webserver requires a My SQL database and PHP for this dating-system to run.

Your username, the address of the My SQL server, your passwort for the database, your login and password for the admin panel of the system and some more have to be filled out: This is a part of the php file "### Admin Data define(' C_ADMINL','');// Admin login define(' C_ADMINP','');// Admin password define(' C_ADMINM','[email protected]');//Admin email define(' C_ADMINLANG','default');//Admin language (By lang dir example: en) ### My SQL data define(' C_HOST','localhost');// My SQL host name (usually:localhost) define(' C_USER','user');// My SQL username define(' C_PASS','password');// My SQL password define(' C_BASE','database');// My SQL database" Example for a filled out field: define(' C_ADMINL',' Your_name');// Admin login Fill our all fields using the info from your provider. Select a directory on your server and then go on with step 3. CHMOD directory members/uploads to 777 (For user photos)" Some ftp programs offer the option to change file or directory properties on your server. (Simple view it from web as This means: enter your browser to call the install routine of the software.

Here you have to open the directory to all users to make uploads possible. This will create the tables required on your server.

You can edit the resolution to make larger mazes, or change the whole look of the maze by editing a few variables.

I case you still have problems I offer to do the whole setup procedure for you.

C_ADMINM - Admin email for feedback and some another needs. C_HOST, C_USER, C_BASE, C_PASS - My SQL data for access. Also you can change table names, but it not require.

Another very many parameters you can set in php file." from: ( Dokumentation included in the download of Az DGDating Lite v 2.1.1 ) till-ga Search Strategy: ( ://

till-ga You will need some tools to install the script. If not you will have to get one, its a tool needed for several purposes when you design webpages. I will try to explain the setup as detailed as possible: "Step 1.

Edit include/php file to match your web sites values." You will get infos from your provider about your My SQL database and they will include the info needed to edit the file include/php. " This is the step where you need your ftp software.

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