Bea binene and jake vargas dating

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Without mentioning the girl name, Jake has dramatically tagged comments of the actor named "Cello Mendoza." Vargas is quite notorious for keeping his private life under the radar, but never failing to spark a few flames.The recently broken up actor seems to be getting on with his life, but still, hasn't revealed who the girl in that Insta post is! Jake Vargas, the star of tv show ‘Pepito Manalo to’ has had two public relations dating back to 2013.A week after the breakup, Vargas said he hasn't heard anything from the actress.They have stopped communicating already, although the young actor told Binene that he will always be there for her no matter what.Binene was understandably distraught, but she didn't run after the actor anymore.Binene was the one who told the media that she and Vargas already broke up.Binene is an actress, singer, dancer and an athlete based in the Philippines. However, the couple finally separated in 2014 citing immaturity problem in the relationship.

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Asked how he managed to move on even though it has only been three weeks since the breakup, the actor said his family and friends helped him through it.Asked if he is open to dating other girls, the actor said he wants to enjoy being single first and to focus on his career.Every time he feels sad, he just goes out with his friends to keep his mind preoccupied.Binene said there are many reasons why they broke up, and it looks like this breakup is final.They have broken up at least two times in their one-year-and-five-month relationship.

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