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The human outline motif is incorporated into other design elements in the issue.The look of the image is inspired after Nature's Encode cover by Carl De Torres.Unfortunately, since we don't quite know how to construct viable genomes of extinct species, much less grow the creatures themselves, we don't know whether the depiction of the science is right.Perhaps theirs is exactly what a genome lab would look like in a dino-building facility. In the Creation Lab companion website, a Circos image is used to illustrate a triceratops genome.Hunters and smugglers don’t report their take for the same reasons that drug dealers don’t report profits to the IRS.But if you could actually track those networks, maybe you could do something about them.

A connection is made to the kind of emissions displacement that has already occurred for air pollution, where despite aggressive legislation in major emitters total global air pollution emissions have increased.

Previous theories that the foragers disappeared shortly after the arrival of farmers are at odds with palaeogenetic and isotopic data analysis from Neolithic human skeletons from the Blätterhöhle burial site in Germany.

Instead of an abrupt transition, the data suggest a more complex pattern of coexistence that persisted for over 2000 years. report on the disturbing trend of emissions leakage, in which developing countries are displacing emissions intensive production offshore.

Unfortunately, this is an image of the B73 Maize reference genome (B73 Ref Gen_v1), as published in Nature's The B73 Maize Genome: Complexity, Diversity, and Dynamics.

THE INTERNATIONAL BLACK market in wildlife—alive or dead—is notoriously difficult to track.

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