Belt chastity dating

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His mother explained to me that his problem solving capabilities and ability to see problems that hadn’t yet surfaced would do him well in business but his inability to deal with people could undo all of his assets.

She told me when we dated that he needed what she called my “down to earth common sense” as much as his native intelligence if he was going to reach his potential.

One valuable lesson I got from his mother was to never let up on a spanking or punishment; they are supposed to be something to be remembered for a long time. Now I have to relate another incident and how that was solved which has saved me a great deal of time and Terry significant bottom pain.

After we had been married about 10 years the love making has diminished considerably.

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It isn’t an easy question to answer but I will try.

He can have a very short fuse when people do not immediately accept his positions on things.

Needless to say this can have e very detrimental effect on interpersonal relationships.

This is particularly effective when the person he has crossed the line with has been hurt and I think has a right to know that the issue has been adequately addressed.

His mother witnessed him there many times, my sisters have all seen it on occasion and a few of our friends are aware of how we address issues in our house.

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