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2011 Welfare Incomes by province/territory Anne Tweddle, Ken Battle and Sherri Torjman The 2011 edition of Welfare Incomes consisted mainly of an update to the numbers from the previous (2009) edition.

Welfare Incomes, 2009 (PDF - 6MB, 117 pages) was the last complete report on welfare incomes released by the National Council of Welfare.

The benefit levels appear in Schedule "A" of the Regulation. responsible for Employment and Income Assistance [EIA] since January 2012): *** Annual Report 2013 – 2014 (PDF - 1.23MB) *** Annual Report 2012 – 2013 (PDF - 1.23MB) *** Annual Report 2011 – 2012 (PDF - 1.23MB) Annual Reports - Manitoba Family Services and Housing (2001-2002 to 2013-2014) [Family Services was the Dept.

responsible for Employment and Income Assistance before Jobs and the Economy.] Anti-poverty initiatives to help Manitobans help themselves (November 26/07) New Child Benefit, Lower-cost Child Care, Stronger Work Incentives, And Skills Package in 10-point Reconstruction of Income Supports (April 10, 2007)Legislation Saskatchewan Assistance Act - Saskatchewan Assistance Regulations - Employment Supplement Regulations - Benefit Adjustment Regulations - Transitional Employment Allowance Regulations - Rental Housing Supplement Regulations - Disability Housing Supplement Regulations - Saskatchewan Assistance Plan Supplementary Health Benefits Regulations Source: Queen's Printer (ALL statutes and regs)Welfare statistics See Social Assistance caseload/beneficiary statistics and expenditure information, 1997 to 2014 (further down on the page you're reading presently) No Saskatchewan Assistance Program statistics are available on the Social Services website - See Number of People on Welfare, March 1995 to March 2005 (PDF file - 133K, 1 page) Source: National Council of Welfare* Ministry of Social Services Annual Report for 2012-2013 (PDF) * Final Recommendations of the Task Team on Income Support for People with Disabilities (PDF - 217K, 18 pages) - May 13, 2009 * Appendices to the Final Recommendations report (PDF - 815K, 133 pages) * Seniors Income Plan * Family Health Benefits * Current Issues Surrounding Poverty and Welfare Programming in Canada : Two Reviews (PDF file - 371K, 43 pages) - June 2004 - comparison of welfare reforms in Saskatchewan, Canada, the U. and Britain Legislation Income and Employment Supports Act - Child and Adult Support Services Regulation - Disability-Related Employment Supports and Services Regulation - Income Support, Training and Health Benefits Regulation Alberta Works Policy Manual On this page, you'll find links to: - Income and Employment Supports Act and Regulation - Employment and Training Programs (Programs and Services, Accountability, Employment Insurance Initiatives, News and Updates) - Child Support Services (Child Support Services Policy, News and Updates) - H Alberta Income Support Caseload - monthly welfare statistics Source: Alberta Office of Statistics Number of People on Welfare, March 1995 to March 2005 (PDF file - 133K, 1 page) Source: National Council of Welfare See Schedule 1 (Core Income Support Payments) and Schedule 2 (Continuous Supplementary Benefits) at the end of the Income Supports, Health and Training Benefits Regulation Historical: see Alberta Supports Low-Income Families Through the National Child Benefit (July 30, 2001) - includes a detailed backgrounder with rate calculation information* Province provides more help to Albertans in need (Oct.

This means that any interprovincial comparison of welfare rates for families must, for the sake of comparability, include the basic welfare benefit for the household AND the total of any federal/provincial/territorial child benefits that the family receives on behalf of each child.

The Government of Canada’s Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) system comprises the CCTB Base Benefit and the NCB Supplement.

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NOTE : the former "Newfoundland and Labrador Family Benefit" no longer appears on the Dept.

22/08) * Government increases AISH rates and supports employment (Jan.

31/08) * Low-Income Review presents a vision for the future (May 22/02) * Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) - AISH Policy Manual Employment and Assistance Act - Employment and Assistance Regulations Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Act - Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Regulations Source: BC Laws Welfare rates (benefits) Increases to Income Assistance Rates (Feb. rates before and after April/07 Income Assistance rates - (effective January 1, 2005) Disability Assistance rates - (effective January 1, 2005) Source: BC Employment and Assistance Rate Tables (PDF - 294K, 37 pages) - June 2008 Source: Vancouver Island Public Interest Group Related link : British Columbia Welfare Time Limits * MEIA Service Plan, 2008/2009 to 2010/2011 (from BC Budget 2008 - Feb.

annual report - welfare stats are under "Employment and Income Assistance Division" See also: Number of People on Welfare, March 1995 to March 2005 (PDF file - 133K, 1 page) Source: National Council of Welfare Welfare rates (benefits) Click the welfare program link above, then select a client category (single parents, persons with a disability or general assistance category) to access an EIA brochure that includes benefit levels for that category.

OR Click the Employment and Income Assistance Regulation link above.

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