Bradley cooper dating olivia wilde

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One night, Jansen discovers an old manuscript hidden in an antique briefcase that his wife Dora (Zoe Saldana) purchased for him on their honeymoon in Paris.He reads the yellowed first-draft of the novel, marveling at the unknown author's talent.Jansen struggles with what he should do with the masterpiece he's found.Eventually, he decides to type the entire novel on his laptop so he can "feel the words flow" through his own fingers.His tale transports us to Paris during World War II, adding another captivating plot line to the already multi-layered story.In addition to an elevated storyline, the Old Man's account in the movie adds a deeper visual element to the film.Rory publishes the manuscript under his own name and struggles with the repercussions, while in "real life," Hammond flirts with a young college student named Daniella (Olivia Wilde) at his sophisticated book reading.

The story expands when the true author of Jansen's novel (Jeremy Irons, the "Old Man") approaches Jansen and reveals his heart-wrenching account of the loss of his manuscript and family.My family doesn't often sit down to watch a movie without a magazine or i Pad in hand, but this movie kept us all riveted.It's also worth noting that we had our eyes glued to the screen in the absence of explosions, sex scenes, or significant amounts of humor.A relatively low-budget, low-key film, The Words clearly made the most of its production site in Montreal, Canada.Shots of present-day New York and 1940s Paris are both believable and idealistic, effortlessly transporting viewers from modern day to war time.

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