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Georgia is desperate to leave her shift early in order to audition for the lead in a revival of the musical Damn Yankees.Always one to help a friend, Jo fakes a medical emergency as their way out of their work shift.Georgia’s new man, Brian, is perfect in every way – almost too perfect.Georgia begs Jo to find Brian on Facebook, convinced the social networking site will reveal at least some of his flaws.So Jo devises a plan to crack the hidden recipe to her favorite yogurt before Georgia can dump Brad, and they would stop visiting the yogurt because that would be too awkward for Georgia.

After a pep talk from her eccentric Aunt Honey, Georgia appears at Trent's apartment with an irresistible basket of food -- and proves to him that she is every bit the seductress.

Suddenly Georgia and Jo notice stupid spending Aunt Honey does.

Aunt Honey is throwing a party and Georgia and Jo try to raise as much money as possible.

Abandoning all thoughts of tutoring, Jo and Mikey team up to learn the true identity of Georgia’s mysterious man.

Georgia and Jo find one of Aunt Honey's bank statements and find it only has 42 cents in it.

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