Can christians dating mormons

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After I had had a hard day at home, my friend would ask me to come to Relief Society with her…we knew in our hearts that we wanted a more complete life like theirs.” This model has continued into the twenty-first century.

President Gordon Hinckley told a gathering at the Salt Lake Tabernacle, “The process of bringing people into the Church is not the responsibility alone of the missionaries,” he said.

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Yet the results of these two methods are less than impressive.

Only two to three percent of those who initially became connected to the church through missionary efforts ever get baptized; just one to two percent of those contacted through a media campaign join the LDS Church.

Soon after the Cheesemans move into their home, most of the Mormon families from the neighborhood bend over backwards to welcome the brash newcomers with visits and gifts of baked goods.

In addition, it doesn’t take them long to invite this Catholic family to Mormon Church services and activities. You should try it sometime.” “Friendshipping” is an LDS-coined word that emphasizes the building of relationships with non-Mormon friends and neighbors.

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