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Plenty Of Fish has produced income through advertising and provided top quality services like seeing when a user profile was viewed and enabling them to see whether a message has been read or removed.

The company has employed 66 employees including marketing managers, developers and customer service representatives and its revenue calculated as million USD in 2008.

Can you please help with this as I was receiving emails when I was being sent messages, so I'm not sure what happened.

My username is: genuine_lady1 My email address that I used to register is: [email protected] Hi there, I understand that my profile got hacked and is now off the system.

Markus Frind launched the site in 2004 and independently ran it until 2008 and after that he started hiring other employees.

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Cherie Lewis Damadispuesta, POF Hello, can you help me with my login on my account, I have had an account previously (USERNAME raceboy34)but had deleted it, then set up a new account(USERNAME F12017)and could not login and used a different email address from my previously account [email protected] tried to retrieve my password but had no response back. But i just came across a good hacker who helped me hack my boyfriends text messages, whatsapp, Facebook , Instagram messages remotely.. t have to touch his phone while you have access to his conversations through the software he bought and install remotely on my phone , i don't know how he did this but i think he is perfect at him at [email protected] Thank you Hi i used to b an upgraded customer as my phone number wil show , my phone was stolen and pof app deleted but got it back, i cant remember da email r password i used then.I meet some body yesterday and we had couple drink then she we still keep texing each I know some wrong with her, but I don't exackly what's going on with her..I try so many time to sign in and I put my email address is well, still I won't able to sign in....I am very upset with POF because this is not the first time I have been booted from logging in for no reason at all.The pictures and profile write-up were never changed in all the years that I had the profile, so there is only one set of pictures and one profile write-up to send me.Please get back to me at your next convenience to allow me to know. I contacted you and told you I was not going to renew my subscription. Cancellation Date: Mar 16, 2015 Subscription Name: 3 Month Upgrade Subscription Number: S-3PY053079L3441424 Item Number: 26 But you had already collected the money on the 10th of March before my new subscription was due.

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