Chat with horn girls

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However, as the unicorn sneaks past Spike, he rolls over in his sleep at the last second, flipping his tail in the way.

The thief trips over it with their back hoof, crashing into the floor and stirring Twilight and Spike from their sleep.

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Spike assures her everything will be fine, and the two of them go to sleep (though Twilight has some trouble trying to keep her wings folded).

Sunset would likely use the Element of Magic to harm the inhabitants of the alternate realm, and they will not be able to defend themselves against its power.

Unfortunately, such a task has its share of complications.

For one, Twilight must go alone, as sending her with all of her friends could upset the balance of the other world and complicate her mission further.

What's more is that the gateway will only be open for another three days.

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