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Please be safe on our site and don’t send any face pics or use your actual email address if you want to remain anonymous. Please use the new Report Post button below each ad if you feel the ad should not be on the site. She enjoyed the sex we had, she just wanted me to last longer, breathe deeper, and be more in the moment.You experience a TON of changes, and half the time you don’t know what the hell is going on.Older women have been through most of that already.Now you actually have to go out and meet older women.The key is to go to venues where they like to hang out.

These are low-key social environments, and they’re often packed with attractive older women.

You’ll start to develop more empathy and confidence.

You’ll see yourself as a man who can naturally start to attract women.

Get Comfortable Dating Girls Your Own Age It’s not that dating older women is more difficult… And if you don’t have at least a little bit of experience dating women your own age, you’ll probably have a hard time. You should get out there and follow advice like Tripp’s, and start meeting and hanging out with women in your age range or a few years younger. With more interactions, comes more learning opportunities.

Throughout this process, you’ll make mistakes and have some failures, and you’ll mature along the way. You’ll understand how to deal with women in different situations.

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