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She checked a suitcase packed with clothes into storage at Troy railroad station – though no one ever found out why – and was seen catching a train to Albany. Today Sand Lake is a quiet residential area with just a handful of local businesses.

But in 1908 it was known as the 'Coney Island of the North' with a funfair, a dozen big hotels and numerous summer campgrounds packed with tourists.

Drew's skull had been smashed in and a piece of ribbon was wrapped around her neck.

But that didn't stop people speculating that she'd been mowed down by a reckless 'automobilist' in a newly-invented 'touring car.'It was briefly suggested that the driver had panicked and tried to make the accident look like murder.

Drew's aunt Minnie Taylor, the last family member to see her alive, refused to cooperate with the police and told her niece's friends to do the same.

Givens and Bushman, who plan to call their book 'Who Killed Hazel Drew? The stories start with assumptions, then theories that are then disproved.'There were probably two dozen suspects in all – it changed on a daily basis.'There are lovers and secrets - all very Twin Peaks.

Journalists arrived from all over the US to report on the twists and turns of the 'Teal Pond mystery.'Like Twin Peaks' Palmer - a seemingly perfect young woman who was secretly a cocaine-abusing prostitute - gossips suggested that Drew wasn't all that she seemed.

'But what I found was huge.'Mark Frost had mentioned the name Hazel and that the murder was 20 miles from Albany.

I started Googling and looking at maps of the area before finally finding her full name.

Twin Peaks fanatics have descended on a tiny New York town trying to solve the century-old murder of a young woman whose death inspired the cult TV classic.

Sand Lake residents are now gearing up for a surge in tourism as the long-awaited new series, including original cast members, including Kyle Mac Lachlan as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.

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