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For those who didn’t even hear of the so-called rumors until hearing of this denial, go ahead and have a moment to take it all in.Yes, Ha Ji Won, who is currently starring as the female lead of , is denying that she’s dating in real life Bolin Chen, who of course is best known as the male lead of In Time With You.Bolin landed in Korea earlier in the week as filming is now underway, with the two snapped having a picturesque street date.Stars really have that aura because Bolin and Ji Hyo exude this glow and visual pop even strolling down a street.Maybe it’s the universe steering her into taking that drama?(Since the romance about longtime friends becoming lovers sounds right up my alley, I’d love her to take it.) Risking Life For Love is described as a romantic comedy peppered with thriller elements.

Bolin Chen’s rumoured girlfriend, Ting Xuan recently made headlines when her bed photos with ex-boyfriend was circulated and her innocent image has since suffered a plunge. ” reaction goldmine, but also may have a secondary benefit of assuaging the disappointed and/or angry feelings of certain drama fans watching a K-drama remake of a popular TW-drama.Korean and Chinese news is off with a bang this Monday with reports that K-actress Ha Ji Won is categorically denying rumors that she’s dating Taiwanese actor Bolin Chen, with whom she is starring with in an upcoming C-movie.Ha Ji-won (Empress Ki, Chronicle of a Blood Merchant) has yet to confirm whether she’ll take on the remake darama of Taiwan’s In Time With You (Korean title: The Time I’ve Loved You, 7000 Days), and has added another possibility to her upcoming slate.This one’s a movie, a Korean-Chinese co-production titled Risking Life For Love, which, in a bit of coincidence, has attached Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin, who was in the original In Time With You.

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