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Recess first aired on ABC from 1997 through to 2001, and reruns aired on Disney Channel in the United States.

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Salamone (voiced by Glenne Headly), help him prepare for the school concert and soon after working with her, Mikey starts to fall in love with Miss.

Salamone but is heartbroken when her boyfriend shows up to the music room and proposes to her will Mikey perform on stage?

Vince vows to never play kickball again, and becomes a lonely shut-in obsessed with his "glory days" of the previous months. is the first victim of the Box, and discovers its power when it completely shatters his spirit and makes him into Ms. A dirt-clod fight among the whole school takes a turn for the serious when Randall claims that Spinelli threw a rock at him, which violates the "rules of war." King Bob demands a trial, with Gretchen forced into the role of prosecutor (via her intelligence) and T. A lengthy rainstorm leads to the dreaded indoor recess, complete with a box of old board games, puzzles with missing pieces, and Randall calling a game of Bingo.

The Gang decides to use one of Gretchen's experiments to bring back Vince's confidence and skill. is captured by the kindergarteners, depicted as wild "savages" with their own society and rules. Finster, angry that her rules seem to be ineffective, devises a new punishment for children: "The Box," a square of chalk drawn on the ground (similar to solitary confinement). Finster's subservient "good boy." With help from Gretchen's Freudian knowledge, the Gang tries to get T. The Gang is sure that they'll survive--until Butch tells them the story of a class of kids who, after five days of being cooped up, became the "Zombie Class of '89" (which Miss Finster proudly confirms).

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