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In May 2007, Crocker was the subject of a lengthy profile in the Seattle alternative weekly The Stranger, which discussed his Internet fame prior to and after the "Leave Britney Alone! Dave Schlenker of the newspaper considered him bold and seething "flares sent up by a young gay man marooned in a sea of rednecks" who is stuck in a small town that "can't tolerate homosexuality and punishes flamboyance." Crocker is best known for his Britney Spears video, uploaded to You Tube on September 10, 2007.

The first part of the infamous work was posted September 9, 2007 called "Leave Britney Alone pt.1" to his My Space page, while the better-known "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

" (part 2) was posted to both Myspace and You Tube.

In "Leave Britney Alone pt.1", an emotional Crocker stated that he did not want fellow Southerner, the video had been viewed over 35 million times and has accumulated a total of over 500,000 comments.

Crocker's earliest experience with online networking was as an editor of an e-zine, where he met his first boyfriend, with whom he was only able to interact online and by phone.

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chris crocker dating his dog-82 Police in Australia are refusing to apologize for failing to properly investigate a string of homicides in the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s believed to have been motivated by anti-LGBT bigotry.It's been 10 years since he famously defended Britney Spears' MTV Video Music Awards meltdown with a viral video titled 'Leave Britney Alone'.And like the singing superstar herself, online identity Chris Crocker has changed quite a bit in a decade - in fact you wouldn't even recognise him!It is just a few seconds shorter than the second part, and Crocker, although emotional, remains relatively calm and composed, becoming teary only at the very end.In the videos, Crocker lashes out at gossip columnists such as Perez Hilton, and at reality TV star Simon Cowell, who criticized Britney Spears' onstage music performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas.

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