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Anya Ayoung Chee Hiroko Mima I am sure all of you motherfuckers have seen the Shauna Sand Sex Tape , because I know the download link was going around.

I unfortunately have only seen a few clips of the shit, but I hear she takes a facial, because I guess dead bodies don’t say no and you can do whatever you want with them, at least that’s what my mortician friend once told me.

There are rumors that the video was actually shopped around by her to boost her career she doesn’t want to see drown, which I think it is safe to say is fact but really who cares about the business behind the shit, let’s focus on what is more important and that is the fact that this shit exists and is getting out there….

Seeing any 18 year ass is getting fucked in video that you can buy later today is amazing….especially when it is 18 year olds who are no longer 18 but who we’ve got to know on TV and in Playboy….kinda like reminding us all of what could have been had things panned out different before ruining her vagina with kids….

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I have no real opinion about this clip mainly because I don’t really like anything about Kendra Wilkinson or her prostitute life other than the fact that she gets naked for money and now has sex for money…and I think more girls should take her lead…cuz I like watching….

Pics via Fame So there was a Carmen Electra sex tape that hit a few weeks ago.

It was pretty clear the shit was a publicity stunt, it just wasn’t obvious what the shit was a publicity stunt for.

Tila Tequila is holding on as hard as she fucking can and this fall from her peak is funny to me.

Sure, I like watching people as much as the next guy, but when the person in question never deserved to be a position to fail in the first place, I really like watching them fail.

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