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will need to be enabled for the terminal shell session before attempting to run the OUI.To enable user equivalence for the current terminal shell session, perform the following steps remembering to enter the pass phrase for the RSA key you generated when prompted: $ exec /usr/bin/ssh-agent $SHELL $ /usr/bin/ssh-add Enter passphrase for /home/oracle/.ssh/id_rsa: xxxxx Identity added: /home/oracle/.ssh/id_rsa (/home/oracle/.ssh/id_rsa) $ ssh linux1 "date;hostname" Fri Jul 31 EDT 2009 linux1 $ ssh linux2 "date;hostname" Fri Jul 31 EDT 2009 linux2 The installer will run through a series of checks to determine if the node meets the minimum requirements for installing and configuring the Oracle Clusterware software.This issue was raised with development and is fixed in the patchsets.Also note that we are explicitly unsetting " to include both public and cluster_interconnect interfaces.

The OUI will copy the software packages to all nodes configured in the RAC cluster.

Perform the following installation procedures from only one of the Oracle RAC nodes in the cluster (linux1)!

The Oracle Clusterware software will be installed to both of the Oracle RAC nodes in the cluster by the Oracle Universal Installer..

For example, during the Oracle Clusterware post-installation process (while running the Oracle Clusterware Verification Utility), the following error will occur: " file ON ALL NODES in the RAC cluster ONE AT A TIME.

If the Oracle Clusterware home directory is a sub-directory of the ORACLE_BASE directory (which should never be!

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