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But for now, the action is limited to the smaller part of the Plaza Salvador.

A plaza with a few palm trees in the middle and plenty of space to mingle outside the bar.

Live music can be found on some days, vendors selling everything from toys for the kids to candy and potato chips.

People would spill into the plaza and line the steps of Iglesia Salvador.

Stand outside (no chairs) with the rest of the crowd where tables are set up along the corner of the street. Next door is another bar which takes advantage of the spillover - the two kind of blend together.

You can also catch episodes of Friends in English, the Oscars and other events, just check the chalkboard in the street. Back dining area offers more seating with another 4 screens.

Drink specials during the week and Friday include all you can drink Cruzcampo for 10 Euros - put your drinking cap on.

Free popcorn often comes with your drink (Bud on tap if you wish to drink it) and the burgers are pretty good.

If you want to try a sampling of beers from around the world or are just missing a beer from back home head to Cerveceria Internacional where you'll have a choice from over 300 beers.

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