Courtship dating songmeanings

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:smoking: Second Song: It's So Easy It's so easy nothing seems to please me....This song I believe is about the Punk Generation and getting on with having a good time without having that much money.

I guess Axl in his attempt to spoon out the truth about what’s going on in the lime light can sometimes result in having certain groups of people coming down on your point of view.

Unlike some much better known and more recognized anthems, like Nirvana's Smells like Teen spirit, Out Ta get me has the added benefit of lyrics being so obvious that the 14 year old world hater in question can actually get them: D..

Well in 2008 that doesnt matter at all cause they listen to My Chemical romance anyway.

What would be more interesting is talking about the new songs and what they're about. Third track of Appetite: Night Train Night Train A go out and have a good time song while you?

re on your way trying to make something of your life.

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