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As the fighting raged, Israel cautioned the country was closer to war with Hamas than it had been at any point in the past four years.Pictured: Israel's Iron Dome missile defence system intercepting a rocket launched from Gaza.An audit of Oxford and Cambridge's accounts revealed that they own property all over the UK worth £3.5billion.The rest of their vast wealth consists of a portfolio of investments, estates, endowments and artefacts.

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The man from Chester has been jailed for nine months over the distribution of the footage.Like Meghan, Mrs Simpson (top right at the funeral, with the Queen and Prince Philip) was an American divorcee.Her marriage to Edward VIII caused the 1936 abdication crisis.Mike Brown, the commissioner for Transport for London, apologised to motorists who have complained that a network of segregated cycle lanes has made traffic even worse.These pictures of empty bike 'superhighways' in London, Manchester and Surrey running next to roads of gridlocked vehicles may illustrate those drivers' frustration at the policy.

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