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Management offered to refund their membership dues, as well.

“We were the only African Americans that were out there and we were the only women that were out there that we were aware of,” recalled Myneca Ojo, one of the group members.

J., called the police on two men working out at the facility after falsely accusing them of not paying.

Starbucks plans to close on May 29 to conduct nationwide training about racial biases.

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When management offered to refund their fees, they informed course officials that they were members.

But after what she deemed a nightmare first date, which involved her 'very negative' potential suitor 'speaking about himself the whole time,' Ms Daly requested a refund.

Originally hoping to meet a 'like-minded, ambitious, successful, professional' man, she was disappointed when her date showed no interest in her, was 'not passionate about his job', was 'ashamed' of his family, and made offensive comments about her car.

In hindsight, the women got off easy, considering what happened at Starbucks.

Earlier this month, LA Fitness had a similar happening when employees in Secaucus, N.

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