Dating antique irons singer

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Sellers using it and similar online classifieds may not be as motivated, however, to provide detailed descriptions and photographs of what they are offering as one would expect on e Bay, for example.For many collectors, e Bay is the prime if not their only source of vintage cast iron cookware.It's not uncommon to see sellers describing every piece of cast iron they list as "vintage" or "rare", either because the names Wagner or Griswold are on them, or because they don't know better, or just because.It is important to note that the production of domestic cast iron ware in general after around 1957 varies from reasonably good to very poor in terms of finish quality regardless of whose name is on it.Indoor flea markets tend to have a higher chance of finding good pieces, as their dealers are more or less permanent; outdoor venues tend to be filled more with arts and crafts type items and cheap imported new goods.Garage sales have the potential to yield the cleanest pieces for the best price, but you may spend a great deal of time and expense travelling around, only to find little to see.

You can begin to educate yourself by seeking information online, from websites like this one, from collector group websites, and from published guide books on vintage cast iron such as those shown below.

Many e Bay sellers will themselves admit they have little expertise in what they are offering for sale.

Many obtain vintage cast iron in the course of purchasing estates, and often tend to know only a little about a lot of different things.

There are several sources from which vintage cast iron ware may be obtained.

Garage and estate sales, flea markets, antique stores, thrift stores, online classifieds, and auction websites are all good places to look for pieces.

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