Dating antique sofa

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This style of furniture is much more delicate than its predecessor.It was one way for the young Colonists to show their own unique style, with each regional area initiating special design elements. Chair rails were more often mortised through the back legs when made in Philadelphia.

One of the most popular forms of this period was a card table that sported five legs instead of the four of Queen Anne designs.

New colonists in America brought their English furniture traditions with them and tried to translate these styles using native woods. Lines of this furniture style tend to be crisp, while facades might be decorated with bold grains of walnut or maple veneers, framed by inlaid bands. Turnings are baluster-shaped and the use of C-scrolls was quite common.

Feet found in this period generally are round or oval.

New England furniture makers preferred pad feet, while the makers in Philadelphia used triffid feet.

Makers in Connecticut and New York often preferred slipper and claw and ball feet.

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