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The article isn’t as interesting as the statistics, and unfortunately the El Tiempo archive online doesn’t include those.

So here are my picks, plus screenshots of the hard copy so you can see them all.

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Since most people don’t have cars, they walk or take the train or buses.

Or you can stay at a dorm hostel in a nice area for to dollars a night. In conclusion, do I recommend Medellin as a swank place for meeting cute girls? By the way, if you need help specially meeting and attracting hot-bodied Latin women, sign up for one-on-one coaching with me, through Instant Messaging! Up next, I've got a controversial tip I discovered to have the loving life you deserve, by tapping into what speaks to a woman's DNA on a genetic level...

Taxis are like and plentiful, so no need to have your own car. I’ve lived in Miami, Colombia, and Brazil for years and have a lot of experience with Latin women, besides the 15 years I’ve spent coaching.

I’ll help you avoid the worst pitfalls and traps, and also help you grab a hot, curvy, sweet Latina girlfriend or harem of girls.

Colombia Passions gives people who are part of the Colombian community a place to find one another.

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