Dating customs in albania

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The dowry is not money but contains presents to all the groom’s relatives, different types of embroidery, pillows, blankets, carpets, even bedroom furnitures. On the other hand, the groom has to send to the bride’s family presents and money.There are special presents to the bride such as: clothes for all four seasons, golden jewelry, expensive watch etc.

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The flowers to the bride A little kid, the youngest from the groom’s family holds a bunch of flowers to send them to the bride.After the groom and his relatives arrive at brides home, they take her with them. Usually bride and her family cry altogether because the bride is leaving her fathers house to go to a new one.At the door of the house, there stands the mother-in-law singing and waiting for the bride to give her honey and bread to eat.After that, the same boy is sit on the bride’s lap, to bring her good luck in giving birth to male children.Traditional dance and a lot of money The wedding ceremony involves a traditional bride-groom dance in which all the family and friends get involved, during the course of which everyone gives them money or attaches bank notes to them.

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