Dating dealbreakers salon

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The fallout from this particular event could have been avoided by calmly explaining the situation to me and having a heart-to-heart with her.

These sorts of awkward events and bad decisions occur in everyone's life, but throw in his nervous coverups and my preference for open communication and you end up with a witch's brew of misunderstanding between us.

The deal aspect of this leads me to think that maybe a harm-reduction approach is better than a deal-breaker approach.

Also: Is what we call "openness" and "honesty" a universal good, or is it a narrow cultural construct?

He's lied about the state of his bank account, preferring to overdraft instead of taking initiative and asking me for help on rent that month.

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Single life comes easily for some but is a challenge for others.

On the top of this list are always: no cheating, no abuse, no dishonesty. But never telling your spouse that no, their nose hairs aren't too noticeable?

I find this idea to be completely unrealistic and wonder if smug couples who claim to be always 100-percent honest with each other are in fact lying to themselves.

Would you like to join an intimate group of Single women, and explore with them some of the joys and challenges of dating in the Bay Area women’s community?

I will be facilitating a Singles Salon for bisexual and lesbian women in San Francisco with Hersn Hers Connexions and Betty’s List in the coming months.

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