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Treat any financial help for the wedding like the gift that it is - not as a way to control wedding-related decisions.

The parents of the groom follow rehearsal dinner etiquette by planning and paying for it, along with their own attire, transportation and lodging, and a wedding gift.

Keep in mind they are doing this so they can budget properly, and that none of the parents are under any obligation to pay for their child's wedding.

Be polite if you choose not to offer additional financial help for wedding expenses. Let the couple know you would like to offer them a particular amount of money, and have it available to them when you offer.

Parents of the groom need to discuss between themselves what help they are able, or want, to offer, before talking with the bride and groom.

While the couple should not expect anyone other than themselves to pay for the wedding, it is a kind gesture to offer financial help if you are able.

So because the role of host has expanded to not necessarily be a gendered role, then that role of paying has also changed." Senning added that many people prefer to split the cost of a first date so that no one feels indebted to the other person.This typically follows an engagement party hosted by the bride's parents, should they choose to have one.At modern weddings, the parents of the groom often take on a more active role in both the wedding planning and wedding itself.Beyond the traditional financial expectations, parents of the groom who are able to offer additional financial help are often at a loss of how to do so.In some cases, the couple or your son will approach you regarding finances.

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