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One third of the 11-year-olds said they were 'too fat' and one in three also said they hated their tummy.Despite their bones still growing, 19 per cent had hang-ups about their bodies with chest (19 per cent) and legs (16 per cent) the main concerns.One in three blamed pictures of skinny celebrities in magazines and on the internet for their weight obsession and four out of ten pointed to peer pressure from friends.Ellie Puddle, director of internet parental control software Cyber Sentinel said: 'Children and teenagers are obviously becoming directly affected by the modern-day pressure to emulate celebrity standards of beauty.'As a result, very young girls are spending a significant amount of time researching ways to achieve this secretly online.'The worrying trends towards 'pro-ana' websites mean that we should all be vigilant and aware of what our children are viewing online.'Using software will provide parents with lots of reassurance, but parents must also be prepared to proactively talk to children about body image and about having a balanced, healthy attitude to food and their diet.'All the girls polled were between the ages of six and 15.Girls who are hot have big personalities which are hard for any guy to handle easily.Personality is also one of the reasons why are hot guys single.looking at any hot single girl, people usually say she is attractive and single what’s wrong with her, what they don’t notice is maybe she just don’t want to be in a relationship.Smart girls don’t have boyfriends because they value relationship.

One in five 11-year-old girls is currently on a diet, according to a survey.They see couples around them settling something for love that they will never do.People might think that there is something wrong with them but these girls don’t give a damn to what the society thinks.I know girls who are pretty but never had a boyfriend, this is because they are not desperate to be in a relationship.Rather than using tinder to search for right partner, they believe in real communication. Anyone can be pretty, but hotness comes with personality and self-assurance.

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