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A ground-up rethink was required, and, true to form, that’s what Seat claims to have delivered with this, the fifth generation of the Ibiza.Naturally, the groundwork has all been done by long-term Volkswagen Group strategy, as manifested in the roll-out of the all-new platform on which the new car sits.The infancy of the second child is one of the riskiest periods in a marriage, since all these stress factors are multiplied with two young children requiring intensive attention in the family.(See our article on Becoming Parents.)Couples who don't intentionally strategize and plan to keep their intimacy strong can begin to feel alienated and drift apart.Instead, a trio of three-cylinder units constitute the new range, a new 1.5-litre four-pot, and a couple of 1.6 TDIs round off the list.A better spread of performance and efficiency – not to mention refinement – ought to be at the centre of supermini’s improved criteria.At least as important is an overhauled engine line-up.

(See article on married sexuality.)The arrival of children is a particularly critical 'new reality' transition for marriages.

They don't understand that many significant conflicts, while not resolvable, can be successfully managed and that this is normal in successful, happy marriages.

They're often embarrassed to admit these reactions to their spouse, especially if they don't understand that these reactions are normal.

The not-at-all catchily named MQB A0 architecture is a smaller derivative of the firm’s ubiquitous mid-sized underpinnings and it is set to be the defining component in a raft of forthcoming models, not least the all-important Arona CUV.

The new underside brings with it different dimensions, and a fresh look, too – one far more in keeping with the glossy styling of the Leon and Ateca.

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