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"Strengthen entrepreneurs and small companies’ expertise and scale-up potential": Ev Gb @Agder University W4e The Entrepreneurship Summer School will be held at Ui A, and is a collaboration between @MIT @uiagder, @NTNU @Ui B @Uni Stavanger @Handelshoysk BI @hvl_no @aakp_nyskaping @gcesubsea @greatersvg @Innovasjon Norge @Innoventus Cowox Kristiansand and GCE NODE… Happy that my Ph D contributes to addressing risks related to "Natural disasters", the third major source of risks in the next 10 [email protected] A @nordicgeo @tinacomes @bvdwalle @uiagder @k_meesters @Kees_Boersma Wo DJCCn Norwegian speaking friends, join us Thurs @Nobel Peace Oslo for a fascinating talk on business & the SDGs.Meet Aleksandar Bozic - Ph D Research Fellow in Sociology at the Department of Sociology and Social Work.“As a researcher, I want to understand how non-profit organizations contribute to social innovation in the welfare sector" KEw W See some of the results of the Norwegian Fit for Delivery trial in #BMCResearch Notes - Women who developed preeclampsia experienced more gestational weight gain than women who did not.Such machinations would be more forgivable if it didn’t feel like so much time gets wasted in these 10 hour-long episodes (with more than half the entries clocking in over 60 minutes and a finale that’s nearly feature-length).After about two episodes, you’re praying for a ridiculous twist, idea, or even an inane comment in order to liven up a slow-moving non-mystery.Meet KJ Harper (Clare-Hope Ashitey), a young assistant prosecutor who’s given a case the cops describe to her as a “slam-dunk.” That’s good, because Harper is in no shape to handle anything challenging.

With big blues eyes and stubby tails, two kittens taken in by a San Antonio family looked adorable until the fiery seven-week-old felines ripped apart formula bottles and repeatedly bit the hands that were trying to feed them.Luckily, Regina King covers what she can with a gripping degree of awesomeness.As the worried mother, King is constantly in flux; her reactions never feel repetitive, even though she’s given and surrounded by plenty of emotionally redundant story beats.The German city of Trier is struggling to keep up with demand for 0-euro notes, bearing the face of its most famous son and communism's creator Karl Marx, and sold for 3 euros each as part of celebrations for his 200th birthday.Norway's high school graduates should refrain from running naked across bridges and having sex on roundabouts lest they give drivers "too much of a surprise", the national transport regulator said on Wednesday.

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