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I’ve written too many recaps to count but it all starts from one common impetus – a drama that hooks my heart snugly in its entertaining embrace.

Be it a rom-com with potential for romantic swooning, an action thriller that launches with rollicking tension, or a melodrama that promises tears and catharsis aplenty, I have to really connect to want to recap it.

Young Woo doesn’t think that’ll placate her husband and then promptly falls asleep.

Hye Won then exchanges a glance with the masseuse to confirm Young Woo is asleep.

When Hye Won says that Professor Jo is in headline this concert, Young Woo snarks that Hye Won’s husband isn’t going to be happy about this great showcase opportunity going to a hoobae.

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Hye Won doesn’t care since Young Woo wouldn’t answer her phone, and she’s not doing her job by pushing off all her engagements for the day.There are already secrets aplenty and one affair is conducted so matter-of-factly this drama world comes across as dense and dirty and a little bit dangerous.Yoo Ah In has always been hit-or-miss for me, stealing the show in fluctuated as wildly as the script’s narrative integrity.From the moment he shows up in Secret Love Affair, he’s commanding and restrained, owning the camera with his little boy meets sexy man charisma, and creating a strong counterpart to Kim Hee Ae’s beautifully effortless performance.Together they are like the piano that is a central plot device for this drama, the inkling that we’re watching the future coming together of an finely tuned instrument meeting a kindred spirit musician, except it’s not clear who will be the player and who will be played.

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