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An uninjured child may be supervised by law enforcement personnel or a school or activity (soccer, etc.) supervisor until a parent is contacted.In some situations, a responsible adult (grandparent, aunt, brother, etc.) with the child can assist in the decisions making.So long as the individual is a minor, the presumption is that he or she is not emancipated and the burden of proof rests on the individual asserting it.The Mental Hygiene Law also addresses consent but for situations not usually within the scope of EMS.Methods: Data were gathered from 123 ambulance workers in The Netherlands in a longitudinal design.At two measurements they completed standardised questionnaires to assess health symptoms, such as the Impact of Event Scale, the Maslach Burnout Inventory, and the Checklist Individual Strength.The issue of providing care and/or the patient's right to refuse care becomes a complex circumstance EMS providers must address.

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This is defined by the General Obligations Law § 1-202, Domestic Relations Law § 2 and Public Health Law § 2504.

Common sense, prior agreements, sufficient documentation, and acting in the best interest of the patient must prevail. Clair, Associate Director - Operations Authorized by: Edward G.

Objectives: To predict symptomatology (post-traumatic distress, fatigue, and burnout) due to acute and chronic work related stressors among ambulance personnel.

There may be instances in which a minor appears mature enough to make an independent judgment, however legally, the minor is unable to make a decision.

Always contact medical control for assistance if there is any question!

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