Dating patient ethics

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Sexual involvements with former clients and patients, however, are more complicated from an ethical perspective.

Time may attenuate the intensity and even the likelihood that an involvement will result in harm.

In the alternative, the evidence may suggest that relaxing the prohibitive aspects of the standard is appropriate.

In whichever direction the standard evolves, its evolution should rest upon solid clinical thinking and good research.

Over time, data may emerge that speak to the questions above in a manner that recommends an absolute prohibition against post-termination sexual involvements.

The survey ran from August to September 2010, and more than 10,000 physicians responded.

Some respondents were very emphatic, stating that "having sex with a patient is the worst thing you can do to a patient.

Doctors took the unequal status of patient and physician very seriously.

One doctor put it succinctly: "The physician will acquire knowledge of the patient's weaknesses and strengths more so than the patient will know about the physician.

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