Dating should you become exclusive

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They worry that if they settle for one person they might miss out on something better down the line.

The reality is that if they never focus their attention on one connection they’re unlikely to develop a deep and lasting relationship with anyone.

Furthermore, Mic points out some studies have found that falling in love can take less than a second — my standard half hour isn’t even needed!

Arriving at the point where you make this commitment might seem natural to some, but for others, a few signs to push them in the right direction can help.So: If we can make such big life choices in such a short amount of time…what would it be like if other life events happened that fast?If only the job searching and applying would only take a month!Imagine moving to a new city and knowing that you’ll be able to find a new job quickly — I’d pack by bags for a quaint Italian village, stat.

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