Dating sports fans hockey

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Lord knows it’s easy to get swept up into the glitz and glamour of the celebrity couple life, and before you know it, you’re reading headlines about your relationship even you had no idea about.Porzio still participates in activities with other team WAGs and steps out with her beau now and then to attend things like award shows and other star-studded events But don’t hold your breath on the sweet, sweet story of how they first met.

Nonetheless, most players still find time to maintain some semblance of a romantic life away from the rink. From summer flings to LTRs, here’s a look into the love lives of 15 NHL superstars and the women they’re currently dating.Whatever the Maybe it’s their rugged good looks or the brute masculinity on display at their jobs in the rough and tumble world of pro hockey.Whatever the case may be, NHL superstars don’t ever seem to encounter much trouble in the lady department.The youngster, who is already drawing Rookie of the Year rumors, is dating a Finnish hockey star in her own right, Sanna Kiukas.Kiukas was a stand-out skater for the Finnish under-18 international team and also spent some time in the SM-sarja league, but she might have become girlfriend of the year when she decided to move to North America last year to support Laine as he began his NHL career.

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